Positive Futures

Positive Futures is a sport based social inclusion programme that works with some of the most hard to reach young people.  The programme is funded by the Gwent Police Crime Commissioner and involves partners working together to provide a service.  Positive Futures aims to engage young people predominantly aged 10 – 18 years using sport as the main engagement tool to gain outcomes for young people.  It also enables young people to take part in a range of workshops that are issue based and needs led, prior to the sports sessions.

In Monmouthshire, Positive Futures is led by the Integrated Youth Offer Group.  This is a partnership of agencies involved in delivering services to young people.

In Torfaen, Positive Futures is led by RANDOMZ which is an organisation that works with young people to engage them in Education, Training and Employment.

For further information please contact:

Monmouthshire Positive Futures

  • Mark Foster, Sports Development Officer, Monmouthshire on 01633 644558; 07753850550 or markfoster@monmouthshire.gov.uk
  • Tracey Thomas, Monmouthshire Youth Service on 01873 833200; 07818016924 or traceythomas@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Torfaen Positive Futures

  • David Williams, Torfaen Youth Service on 01633 648124; 07980682276 or david.williams@torfaen.gov.uk
  • Leigh Rowland, Torfaen Positive Futures on 01633 480255; 07811033918 or leighrowland.randomz@g.mail.com