Details of Prevention Workshops Offered

Prevention and raising awareness workshops

Youth Offending Service ‘Prevention’ staff deliver workshops to youth centres, schools, referral units etc as and when necessary.  The workshops offered include awareness and consequences of anti social / nuisance / behaviour,  substance misuse,  social media / internet safety / cyber bullying,  peer pressure, bullying,  road safety etc.

Year 6 project

This free half day programme, developed by the Monmouthshire and Torfaen Youth Offending Service, is delivered to Year 6 pupils in selected local schools within the two boroughs.  It is delivered during the last term of the school year before the children break up for the summer holidays. These children will be transitioning to High Schools after the holidays and may, perhaps, be moving out of their comfort zones.  The workshop raises awareness of:

  • How the public perceive young people
  • Peer pressure
  • Consequences of nuisance / anti-social and offending behaviour
  • Victim empathy
  • Effects of bullying/cyber bullying
  • The consequences of alcohol and substance use and its link to nuisance / anti-social and offending behaviour


This is an initiative run by Gwent Police, in partnership with Magistrates and the Youth Offending Services, and is delivered to all year seven pupils to raise awareness of what happens when you enter the Criminal Justice System.  The YOS workshop is around prevention (following on from the year 6 project) and we cover topics such as:

  • making choices
  • peer pressure
  • public perception
  • consequences of offending / anti social / nuisance behaviour