Reparation is an important part of the work the YJS carry out with a young person and plays a leading role in the rehabilitation process. Reparation is a practical way for young people (aged 10 – 17) to repair or make amends for an offence and the harm that has been done. The victim’s requests are taken into consideration. Reparation  can be in the form of  :-

  • DIRECT Reparation – reparation to the victim.
  • INDIRECT Reparation – to the wider community.

Reparation helps the young person face up to the consequence of their offending and in some cases , helps them to develop more positive interests, which will hopefully improve their future choices.

Unpaid Work

Young people aged (16 and 17 years old) can also be given Unpaid Work hours at court (between 40 and 240 hours) with their Youth Rehabilitation Order. As well as the payback to the community with practical tasks, this also helps the YOS to offer the young person practical and employability skills. In some cases an ASDAN employability award can be gained. This type of intervention offering skills and experience can provide a valuable contribution to young offenders to stop offending. The community will benefit form the hours worked by the young person. Unpaid work has been organised by the YOS since June 2014.