Why do we run groups?

  • To give opportunities to disengaged and crime vulnerable young people.
  • To enable the young people to have ‘normal’ experiences of social events and to assist them to build social skills
  • To engage young people in ‘constructive’ activities
  • To build confidence, self esteem, self respect and self worth
  • To develop team work, leadership and communication skills etc to assist them with their ‘reintegration’ into the community.
  • To help the young people to sustain constructive activity / behaviour when intervention ends.
  • To give opportunities to undertake adventurous activities safely and to overcome physical challenges again building self-confidence.

Regarding health issues that affect young people today such as smoking; substance misuse and sexual health we provide.

  • Information on unhealthy relationships and taking risks / keeping themselves safe
  • Information and advice on sexual health and safe and healthy relationships
  • A better knowledge of S.T.I’s and where to go for help and guidance
  • A more positive regard to body image, including  healthy eating and exercise