Youth Offending Service Update: COVID-19

On 19th March 2020, the Welsh government imposed measures to help to stop the spread of Covid-19. Due to this, we have had to close the Youth Offending Service office at Mamhilad House.

Staff are continuing to work from home mainly, but are completing face to face to contacts where necessary on the basis of risk and safeguarding (using social distancing), for Court Duty, Appropriate Adult requirement and urgent administrative duties. Our telephone lines have been re-directed so that Business Support can answer all calls, if anyone needs to contact us.

Young people and their families involved with the Youth Offending Service have all been contacted. Plans have been put in place to continue with their Court Orders, Out of Court Disposals, Community Resolutions and Prevention interventions safely whilst ensuring that appointments, reports and safeguarding are continuing despite the different format.

Our service has adapted by increasing the use of technology, being pro-active and creative to deliver a service to support young people and their families/carers during this time. For example, virtual panels and meetings have been taken place.

If you need to contact us, please ring our main office telephone 01495 768300 or email us on

Please follow the Welsh Government Guidelines regarding COVID-19

Stay Safe,

Monmouthshire and Torfaen Youth Offending Service

Information on Civil Recovery

In the legal systems of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom, the principle of ‘civil recovery’ (also known as civil recovery scheme or civil recovery regime) is established in law under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.[4] Specifically, part 5 of the Act deals with the recovery of the proceeds of crime from un-convicted defendants through proceedings in the civil courts (the High Court, or in Scotland, Court of Session).

There are a number of web sites you can visit for information. There is a lot of information available to both retail and individuals, you can contact the county court on the number below to seek information and advice, however at any point if you are unsure please seek some legal advice before proceeding.

County Court

County Court
Newport County Court
5th Floor Clarence House
Clarence Place
Newport Gwent
NP19 7AA
01633 245040

The Customer Services Department will send you a claims pack on request.  You can also complete the process online if you prefer.

It is also worth noting that there are alternative ways to resolve claims.  As part of the pack received, there will be information on mediation.


Claim Amount Court Costs
Up to £300 £30
£300—£500 £45
£500—£1,000 £65

The above costs are liable to change.

Taking advantage of the services of a Solicitor or Legal Executive may help the process run smoother and remove the   burden.  However, this will incur extra costs, which a Solicitor could advise you on recovering from the other party.  If you decide to proceed without the legal assistance you may add your costs to your claim and request that the Court consider awarding costs in its judgment.


Information regarding the crime, the incident and all parties involved can be applied for by contacting:

The Data Protection Unit
Caerleon House,
Block A
Mamhilad Industrial Park
NP44 0XX